Publications 2013

Conference Proceedings

  • S. Tereschenko, P. Kühnhold , N. Wilhelm, P. Lehmann
    Schwingungskompensation in tiefenscannenden Weißlichtinterferometern,
    Tagungsband XXVII. Messtechnisches Symposium (2013) 77-88.
  • P. Lehmann, J. Niehues, S. Tereschenko
    3D-optical interference microscopy at the lateral resolution limit,
    Proceedings Fringe 2013, Springer, 677-682.
  • P. Lehmann, W. Xie, P.Kühnhold, J. Niehues
    Interferometric measurement of functional surfaces,
    SPIE Proceedings 8769 (2013) 876904.
  • H. Knell, P. Lehmann,
    High speed measurement of specular surfaces based on carrier fringe patterns in a line scan Michelson interferometer setup,
    SPIE Proceedings 8788 (2013) 87880R.
  • P. Kühnhold, W. Xie, P. Lehmann,
    Comparison of Michelson and Linnik interference microscopes with respect to measurement capabilities and adjustment efforts,
    SPIE Proceedings 8788 (2013) 87882G.


  • M. Schulz and P. Lehmann,
    Measurement of distance changes using a fibre-coupled common-path interferometer with mechanical path length modulation,
    Meas. Sci. Technol. 24 (2013) 065202 (8pp)