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Of course, you have to get the small screwdriver yourself. Maybe you have a so-called voltage tester. It should work with that. The small washer (for 2mm screws) is extremely important. It belongs between the screw head and the motor mount.

The Lemo-Solar gearbox kit contains a short brass rod. You should replace it with the 2mm welding rod, length less than 140mm. (But not for the steerable version, there it is just right!).

You also have to insert the ball bearing (in the video you can see the installation direction, from 1:55).

Not 5cm but 5mm (video at 2:55).

Instead of the Fischertechnik wheels, you can also use the narrow wheels on the drive axle. However, you will have to use 3/2 "nuppsies" (reducing sleeves).

Something is still missing: The guide pins, consisting of an approx. 60mm long, 2mm diameter rod.