Appointment and tasks of various committees

Management of the Institute

  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schroeders (Managing Director)
  • Prof. Dr. Heidi Möller (Deputy Director)


  • all professors and second members of the Institute of Psychology
  • two representatives of the scientific staff: Dr. Benjamin Harders, Dr. Sascha Müller
  • two representatives of the students: Melina Peters, Cora Fuchs

Examination board

  • Representatives of the professors: Prof. Dr. Christoph Flückiger (Chairman), Prof. Dr. Mirjam Ebersbach (Deputy Chairman), Prof. Dr. Florian Scharf
  • Representative of the scientific staff: Dr. Isabel Linder
  • Representative of the students: Lea Jebram

Applications concerning the following topics are to be submitted to the chairperson of the examination board:

  • Compensation for disadvantages
  • Early or retrospective achievements
  • Applications for theses (please use the application form of your respective study program)
  • General difficulties with the examination regulations and/or the study plan
  • Recognition of work already completed

Working Group Quality Assurance Teaching (QSL)

  • QSL responsible: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schroeders
  • Student representative: Dajana Eder

Every two years, a QSL concept is drawn up in which the Institute applies for funding for quality assurance and improvement of teaching quality. According to the intended funding purposes, students and institute members can make suggestions for the use of QSL funds.

Here are some examples:

  • Students are allowed to apply for congress cost subsidies (max. 100 EUR). This is only possible as long as the budget is not exhausted.
  • Student proposals for additional psychological events are welcome. Please coordinate your proposals through the student members of the Institute of Psychology in the AG QSL or the Student Council. It would be advantageous if you could already suggest a:n instructor and show how high the interest is among your fellow students.
  • If there are not enough copies of a certain textbook in the library, please inform the person responsible for the module or your lecturer. Books could be ordered.
  • Purchase of technology to support lecturer:s teaching.

Internationalization Officer

  • Prof. Dr. Marc-André Reinhard

Alumni Representative

  • Prof. Dr. Ralf Rummer

Student Council