Doctorate and Habilitation

General Information: External/Internal doctoral candidates

Internal doctoral candidates are scientific staff members of the institute who are simultaneously working on their doctorate. Please note that the doctorate has to be officially registered with the doctoral office at the latest one year after the start of the contract, submitting a synopsis. Internal doctoral positions are mostly advertised via job advertisements (e.g. Hogrefe-PsychJob, or the DGPs distribution list). External doctoral positions are limited to a pure supervisory relationship and do not include employment as a research assistant. If you are interested in an external doctorate, you will develop the synopsis of your research topic partly in consultation with your potential supervisor. You will work independently at home or in the library and usually have to take care of the financing completely on your own.

Kassel-specific information

The Institute of Psychology offers doctoral positions in various research projects. If you are interested, please contact the respective department heads directly. You can find the different departments in the left column of this website. Upon completion of your doctorate, you will receive the title "Dr. phil.". The junior staff representative of the Department of Human Sciences, Prof. Dr. Johannes Zimmermann, will be happy to advise you on any further questions you may have.


Information for a habilitation at the Institute of Psychology in Kassel can be found under the following links: