Laboratory Coordination and Experiments

Participation in experiments and studies

You can sign up to participate in experiments and other psychological research at the Department of Psychology.

Participation in experiments and studies: Zur Anmeldung

Laboratory coordination

You can apply to Julie Frodyma and Jil Krahner for the use of our institute laboratories if you are conducting a laboratory study as part of a thesis or EmPra/project seminar in the degree programs B . Sc. Psychology, M. Sc. Psychology or M. Sc. clinical psychology and psychotherapy.

Please email Jil Krahner, hiwi-ifp[at]uni-kassel[dot]de, with the following COMPLETE information:

  • Exact period of data collection (total planned time period).
  • How many (experimental) people should optimally be able to participate in a session?
  • Do you need PCs / laptops. If yes, how many?
  • Should the room optimally be equipped with partitions between the seats as privacy protection?
  • Is it a thesis (Bachelor or Master?) or an EmPra / project seminar?
  • Who supervises you / is responsible?
  • Complete list of all involved experimental supervisors* (if applicable project working group, auxiliary staff etc.).

Please note that the experimental rooms are used by all students and staff of the institute. Therefore, long-term or block bookings of rooms are excluded. Depending on the total requests, it may generally happen that the assigned lab has to be shared with another person/group.

If you need a room for a shorter period of time than planned, please notify us immediately. If it turns out that a booked room remains unused and this has not been reported, the entire booking may be forfeited.

Also, please be aware of the current Corona Pandemic Containment regulations in effect at the time. The responsibility for the development of appropriate hygiene concepts and their compliance is NOT the responsibility of the laboratory coordination, but of the supervising / responsible person.