Stay Abroad (incoming & outgoing)

Information for international students (incoming)

Counseling and networking services for international students of the Institute of Psychology.

For all international students at the IfP, Mrs. Carola Zick (tutor for international students) offers regular counseling and networking meetings. Ms. Zick is available to answer questions about studying, living in Kassel, exchanges, etc. For networking purposes, there is currently a Whatsapp group where you can exchange information with each other and also with Ms. Zick. If you have any questions or are interested in participating in the Whatsapp group, please send an e-mail to Carola Zick

Information for students planning a stay abroad (outgoing)

A stay abroad is a good opportunity to get to know other cultures, to improve language skills or to deepen specific contents. The Institute of Psychology has several cooperations with foreign universities. These enable students to complete part of their bachelor's or master's degree abroad. Through the Erasmus program, in addition to the waiver of tuition fees at the host university, you can receive further financial assistance as well as support in organizing your stay abroad. Depending on the destination country, free language courses (ERASMUS Intensive Language Course) are also offered.

In general, a stay abroad is recommended after 4 semesters in the Bachelor's program or after 2 semesters in the Master's program (but exceptions prove the rule!). Recognition of study achievements is possible, but should be discussed in advance with the respective module supervisors. Find out at the host universities which courses are offered and then go to our module supervisor with the module handbook excerpt! If you would like to have foreign achievements recognized, you may not take a semester off.

If you would like to complete an internship abroad, this is only possible if you are studying in the non-clinical branch. If you are interested, please contact the module supervisor for internships.


For further questions, Ms. Susana Condado (Erasmus Counseling) or Mona Oelfke (Study Abroad Tutor) will be happy to help you during a personal interview.

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On the basis of bilateral exchange agreements between European universities, students can study abroad in Europe - an exchange is thus only possible between universities between which such an agreement exists. The application is made through the home university. Students who go to a host university within the framework of the ERASMUS program receive financial support and, if applicable, BAföG abroad, have contact persons at the host university and do not pay tuition fees.

The call for ERASMUS exchange places is addressed to Psychology major students from the 3rd semester of study. Applications should include a curriculum vitae, a statement of reasons for the preferred host university, a summary of previous academic and examination achievements, a recent photograph, a description of current areas of interest, and full details of your postal address and email address.

Please make an appointment with Ms. Susana Condado by mail early and contact our study abroad tutor Mona Oelfke.

Please submit applications to Ms. Susana Condado.

Partner Universities

For the Institute of Psychology there are Erasmus cooperations with various partner universities in Europe. Under the following link you will find the database of the International Office, where you can search for exchange places. To see all partnerships of the Institute of Psychology, enter the keyword "psychology" in the full text search. Alternatively, you can search by department, country or programs (e.g. Erasmus)


Erasmus Representative of the Institute

Prof. Dr. Marc-André Reinhard Institute of Psychology Social Psychology Holländische Str. 36-38 34127 Kassel