Student Council Psychology

The Fachschaftsrat (FSR) is composed of 12 elected representatives of the psychology students at the University of Kassel.

The FSR Psychology was first elected during the university elections in 2012 and represents the nearly 700 students of the Bachelor's program in Psychology and the two Master's programs in Psychology and Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.

Our tasks are to organize various events and the orientation week, to fill important committees and to represent the interests of the students of the Institute of Psychology (IfP).

Also, interested students and first-year students∗ for the psychology programs at the University of Kassel are welcome to contact us regarding information and possible questions.

Our meetings are open to all psychology students and we are always happy to welcome new faces - so feel free to drop in!


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Postal address
University of Kassel
Institute of Psychology
Student Council Psychology
Holländische Str. 36-38
34127 Kassel

The best way to reach us is by e-mail.
Unfortunately, we cannot forward study calls.