Work and Research Focus

Work and research focus

Problem- and process-oriented ways of reflecting on theories of education, learning, and formation - e.g., concerning concepts of autonomy and discipline, individuality and sociality, rationality and desire, pedagogical knowledge, professionalism, and critique.

Educational, social philosophical, and social theoretical problems and practices in the relationship between pedagogy, politics and society - e.g., heterogeneity and difference; articulations of participation, (in)equality; notions of achievement in educational, economic, and political contexts.

Questions or conditional structures in the context of education and subjectification - in fields of tension of power and hegemonic relations, body, media, work and technology, norm and normalization.

Methodological and methodological reflections at the point of intersection of educational theory and qualitative educational research - especially in the context of discourse analysis, praxeology and media analytical approaches.