since 03/2021
Research assistant in the GRK-Kolleg "Privatheit und Vertrauen für mobile Nutzer" ("Privacy and Trust for Mobile Users") at the University of Kassel.

Obtaining the M.A. in Sociology with a thesis on "Konstitution und Strukturwandel von Privatheit-Öffentlichkeit-Relationen aus soziologischer Perspektive. Der Entwurf eines Untersuchungsrahmens" ("Constitution and Structural Change of Privacy-Public Relations from a Sociological Perspective. The outline of a framework of inquiry").

Research assistant in the joint project EcoDM.

Student assistant in the research group "Responsibility and the Internet of Things" at the Weizenbaum Institute, Berlin.

Student assistant in the research unit "Education and Labor Market" at the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB), Berlin.

Bachelor's and Master's studies "Sociology of Technological Sciences" at the Technical University of Berlin.

High school graduation in Möckmühl.


Kröger J. L., Lutz O. H-M., Müller F. (2020) What Does Your Gaze Reveal About You? On the Privacy Implications of Eye Tracking. In: Friedewald M., Önen M., Lievens E., Krenn S., Fricker S. (eds) Privacy and Identity Management. Data for Better Living: AI and Privacy. Privacy and Identity 2019. IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, vol 576. Springer, Cham. URL:



The Politics of Digital Infrastructure – Sustaining the Unsustainable by Googles Design, together with Markus Uhlmann, Forschungskonferenz „Challenges of Sustainable Research“, 16.09.2022 [Link]