LoCo - Creation of a modular low code programming training for mass teaching events.

Starting situation

Students in the Master's program of the Department of Business and Economics learn to solve business-relevant problems conceptually through problem-oriented modeling. However, there is often a lack of implementation skills to test these as software. For this Low Code development platforms offer themselves, which are established also in practice in enterprises, in order to enable laymen to develop software independently.

The acquisition of low code programming skills is now to be didactically expanded in a modular low code training course and made reusable for teaching. The result should be applicable for further courses and enable students to make IT concepts tangible and realizable.

Aim of the project and background

In the courses, students are expected to make learned concepts applicable to business-relevant problems in the form of self-developed, higher-order prototypes. On the one hand, these are based on reproducing and understanding principles of computational thinking and low-code-specific basic knowledge. By combining different teaching materials, students are able to identify, select, and apply appropriate low-code platforms depending on the problem context. This enables students to implement and test targeted solutions within the framework of the teaching concept of the respective course. At the core is the learning and application of computational thinking and the programming of small programs. In the long term, the developed training is to be used in courses of the subject area.

Project Team

  • Universität Kassel, Fachgebiet Wirtschaftsinformatik, Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister


University of Kassel - Central Teaching Support



2022 - 2023