User agreements

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The following conditions apply to the use of a vegetable plot on the Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen and on the Waldauer Fußweg in Kassel:


  • The rights to cultivate, i.e. maintain and harvest a plot, from mid-May to about mid-November, are transferred to the person upon payment of the seasonal fee (Current dates are announced each year).
  • At the takeover date we provide a vegetable plot of 40 or 80 m² with about 30 species of vegetables and herbs.
  • A basic assortment of equipment for the maintenance of the plot is provided
  • Water for irrigation is provided.
  • Information on horticulture will be provided.

Conditions for the use of the plot

  • The EC organic regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008 on organic farming are to be complied with, i.e. in particular the use of light-soluble mineral fertilizers and synthetic chemical pesticides is to be avoided. In case of own sowings and plantings, seeds and young plants from organic production are to be used (in case of ambiguity, please consult the project supervisor).
  • The farm rules must be observed.
  • No permanent construction measures are allowed (e.g. plot boundaries, etc.). The equipment that is available for general use must be returned to the designated place in a clean condition. Damaged equipment must be paid for.


  • No liability can be accepted for items brought by the customer.
  • No liability can be accepted for crop failures due to natural conditions.
  • Registration is made by transferring the seasonal fee.

With the transfer of the seasonal fee the above mentioned conditions are accepted.