Process and Topics


  • The entrance test is to be performed without a calculator and without a collection of formulas.
  • Paper will be provided. Students only need a pencil.
  • The completion time is 45 minutes.
  • Seat assignment will take place on site.
  • Please bring student ID and ID card and have them ready.



  • Amount of a vector
  • Vector addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication of vector with scalar
  • Scalar product and vector product
  • Connecting vector of two points

Systems of equations

  • Solving systems of equations with 2-3 unknowns

Differential calculus

  • Know derivatives of simple functions (polynomials, sine, cosine, exponential function)
  • Calculate derivatives and evaluate them at one point
  • derivation rules (product rule, chain rule, etc.)
  • Calculate local extrema

Integral calculus

  • Calculate simple integrals
  • Rules for sum of integrals and swapping of limits


  • Calculation of the zero of a function
  • Quadratic solution formula (p-q formula)
  • Root laws
  • Power laws
  • Exponential function and logarithm
  • Linear functions

Geometry / Trigonometry

  • Definitions of sine, cosine and tangent in right triangles
  • Theorem of rays
  • Pythagorean theorem
  • Angle sum in triangles
  • Area of triangles
  • Relationships of angles (step angles, etc.)