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Simulation in the teachings




 with the following key points:

  • Simulation
  • Discrete time system
  • Simulation of Material flow
  • Simulation and Factory planning


Univ.- Prof. Dipl.- Ing. A. Reinhardt, Uni Gh-Kassel


To get the overview of training activities on above mentioned topics in the German environment. Here one should respect the use of VDI recommendations 3633 for the structure, as well as the contents of topics for the lectures.


Communication forums for all instructors to exchange concepts, experiences & also free simulation tools, eg:- in a trade symposium
Here, the further goals are also noted, a common basis, for example:- to come up with the use of VDI recommendations 3633 as a course guide.


  1. Determination from the speaker in the University (and enterprise)
  2. Write to this speaker and ask for the concerned topics in the lectures / in the course
  3. Formulation of questionnaire, whose structure is as per the VDI recommendations.
  4. Send the questionnaire to the speaker.
  5. Evaluate and send back the questionnaire
  6. Presentation in a ASIM conference.

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The questionnaire is provided on the basis of VDI 3633 recommendations.

It is divided into 3 main topics:




This is the basic questionnaire that can be sent to interested persons. It is available as a zip file in WordPerfect 6.0


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General Statistics

General Statistics 

Out of the 263 persons, approximately 30% answered. The discrepancy between the well know addresses and dispatched questionnaires resulted from the fact that only well known lecturers were written down.




The different field of activities and the associated area of applications were grouped together.

Moreover, the grouping was made for different University types (Uni – FH)


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Nearly all the lecturers are called. This is usually in the introduction meetings about simulation. Most of the persons are new to the topics on modelling methods and simulation concepts. It is remarkable to note that the real time control system (coupling real time model) receives very little attention.




The dominating persons are mainly into development by referring the library. All together this is called rarely.




This division is in connection with the excercises and model examples and is little towards the actual material applications. Here the important points ‚Simulation and Factory planning’ and ‚Simulation Concepts’ are called. It is remarkable to notice ‘Requirement & Product specification’ (new VDI-specification 3633 sheet 2)


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Simulations Language

In the following figure, the absolute number of different simulation languages are mentioned.


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The entire file is available as Access 7.0-Datenbase for evaluation. It contains both the diagrams of grouping based on different specialised areas and University types.

For security reasons, both the names and addresses are removed from the figures.

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Author: Jochen Bernhard

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