Scientific Coordination Commitee

The credo for the future conception of the CINSaT's focal architecture is to continuously develop existing focal points with regard to the number and success rate of projects involved and to identify topics with high scientific potential as starting points for new focal focuses. In order to optimize this process, a new committee was created in 2016 in the form of the Research Coordination Round in the new version of the CINSaT Regulations (Presidium Decision P/887), the main focus of which is the establishment and dissolution of focal points and their scientific coordination. The Research Coordination Committee consists of the spokespersons, the board members and the Chairman. The spokespersons shall support the interdisciplinary cooperation between the different research groups of the respective focus and represent the research focus in internal meetings, towards the executive committee and in consultation with the executive committee also externally. A detailed description of the task profile of the priority speakers can be found in the following overview (PDF).