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Jour­­nal Pa­­pers

Con­­fe­­rence Con­t­­ri­bu­­ti­ons

  • H. Lamela, E. Dadrasnia, K. Kozhuharov, V. Sichkovskyi, J.P. Reithmaier "Thermally tunable DFB dual mode laser diode by an external platinum thin-film heater for THz generation", Photonics West Conf., San Francisco, USA (January 2012)
  • B. Gonzalez, H. Lamela, E. Dadrasnia, V. Sichkovskyi, K. Kozhuharov, J.P. Reithmaier, "Temperature effects on the characterization of new quantum dot dual mode lasers for teraherz generation", Photonics West Conf., San Francisco, USA (January 2012)
  • J.P. Reithmaier, "Self-assembly processes of nanostructures during epitaxial growth", Winter school of the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute, Technion, Israel (February 2012) (invited)
  • M. Benyoucef, M. Usman, T. Al Zoubi, A. Gushterov, T. Pfau, J.P. Reithmaier, "Pre-patterned silicon and GaAs substrates for the growth of III-V nanostructures: morphological and optical properties", DPG-Frühjahrstagung, Berlin, Germany (March 2012) (invited)
  • D. Gready, C. Gilfert, V. Ivanov, J.P. Reithmaier, G. Eisenstein " 1.55 µm High-speed quantum dot lasers for telecommunication applications", CLEO International Conference on Lasers and Electro optics, San Jose, CA, USA (May 2012)
  • B. Gonzalez, H. Lamela, V. Sichkovskyi, J.P. Reithmaier, "Wavelength tuning technique by temperature control on dual mode quantum dot lasers for teraherz generation", The 3rd International Topical Meeting on Optical Sensing and Artificial Vision (OSAV'2012), Saint-Petersburg, Russia (May 2012)
  • M. Benyoucef, V. Zürbig, J.P. Reithmaier, A. Schnell, T. Aichele, O. Benson, "Single-photon emission from single InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots grown by droplet epitaxy at high substrate temperature", ICSNN, Dresden, Germany (July 2012)
  • J.P. Reithmaier, "InP based quantum dots/dashes and their device applications", Int. Conf. on InP and Related Materials, Santa Barbara, CA, USA (August 2012) (invited)
  • M. Benyoucef, M. Yacob, J.P. Reithmaier, "Low-density InP-based quantum dots as a platform for quantum information processing", NOEKS11, Shtuttgart, Germany (September 2012)
  • J.P. Reithmaier, G. Eisenstein, "InP based quantum dot/dash material for high speed opto-electronic devices:recent results and prospects", European Conference on Optical Communication, Amsterdam, Netherlands (September 2012) (invited)
  • Vitalii Ivanov, Vitalii Sichkovskyi, J.P. Reithmaier, "1.55 µm InP-based quantum dot lasers for telecommunication applications", European Semiconductor Laser Workshop, Brussels, Belgium (September 2012)