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Journal Papers

Conference Contributions

  • J.P. Reithmaier, V. Sichkovskyi, A. Becker, B. Bjelica, B. Witzigmann, D. Gready, G. Eisenstein, "InP based high-gain QD material for high-speed and narrow linewidth applications", Conf. on Physics of Quantum Electronics (PQE), Snowbird, Utah, USA (invited, January 2015) (pptx-File, 5 MB)
  • J. P. Reithmaier, G. Eisenstein, A. DeRossi, S. Combrié, "Power Saving in Communication Applications by Nano-Structured Optoelectronic Components", Technion / TU Berlin Green Photonic Symposium, Berlin (invited, March 2015) (pptx-File, 25 MB)
  • J.P. Reithmaier, "Nanostructured Materials for Optoelectronic Devices: Current Developments and Future Challenges", Int. Symp. on Advances in "Quantum Materials, Quantum Physics and Nanophotonics", Würzburg, Germany (invited, April 2015) (pptx-File, 93 MB)
  • J.P. Reithmaier, M. Benyoucef, "Challenges of epitaxial growth of III-V materials on Si platform for photonic applications", EMRS spring meeting, Lille, Frankreich (invited, May 2015) (pptx-File, 33 MB)
  • G. Eisenstein, A. Capua, O. Karni, J.P. Reithmaier, "Room Termperature Quantum Coherence Phenomena in QD-SOAs", Conf. on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), paper SM1F.1, San Jose, USA (invited, May 2015)
  • J.P. Reithmaier, S. Banyoudeh, A. Abdollahinia, A. Becker, V. Sichkovskyi, O. Eyal. G. Eisenstein, M. Bjelica, B. Witzigmann, G. Moille, S. Combrie, A. DeRossi, "InP-Based Nanostructured Semiconductors for Telecom Applications", German - French - Korean Workshop, Würzburg, Germany (invited, December 2015) (pptx-File, 14 MB)
  • A. Becker, M. Bjelica, V. Sichkovskyi, A. Rippien, F. Schnabel, P. Baum, B. Witzigmann, J.P. Reithmaier, "InP-based narrow-linewidth widely tunable QD-DFB lasers", VDE-ITG meeting, Leipzig, Germany (May 2015) (pdf-File)
  • A. Becker, V. Sichkovskyi, M. Bjelica, O. Eyal, P. Baum, A. Rippien, F. Schnabel, B. Witzigmann, G. Eisenstein, J.P. Reithmaier, "InP-based narrow-linewidth tunable quantum dot distributed feedback laser for coherent optical communication", Compoung semiconductor week (CSW), S. Barbara, USA (June 2015) (pptx-File, 3 MB)
  • P. Mrowinski, A. Musial, G. Sek, S. Höfling, J.P. Reithmaier, "Tailoring the quantum dash exciton fine structure by magnetic field", IEEE Optical MEMS and Nanophotonics (OMN), Jerusalem, Israel (August 2015) 
  • S. Banyoudeh, A. Abdollanhinia, V. Sichkovskyi, J.P. Reithmaier, "High temperature operation of 1.55 µm InAs quantum dot lasers with high T0 and T1 values", European Semiconducto Laser Workshop, Madrid, Spain (September 2015) (pptx-File, 3 MB)