urbanHeat - Decarbonization of process heat in the context of a holistic heat supply for urban quarters

Short description

Both the decarbonization of the heating sector and the separate consideration of the energy supply of neighborhoods and industrial sites currently represent major challenges for a progressing energy transition. Although the heating sector is increasingly coming into the public focus, potential synergies of a joint consideration of residential quarters and industrial or commercial areas have not been exploited so far. The R&D project urbanHeat wants to bring about this combination by researching and answering important questions of this joint consideration. For this purpose, extensive investigations of the industrial complex of MAN Truck & Bus SE in Nuremberg are being carried out, which will be incorporated into the development of an integrated heat supply concept for this location. The Nuremberg district heating network of N-ERGIE AG will serve as the main heat supplier. Furthermore, existing efficiency potentials are to be identified and exploited, and decarbonization potentials through renewable heat generators are to be utilized as far as possible. In addition, any surplus heat from the industrial sites is to be fed into the district heating network. Special attention will be paid to the development of an innovative bidirectional district heating connection to reduce the return temperature in the district heating network. At the same time, tariff and incentive models are to be researched that promote customer-side measures to increase efficiency and reduce the return temperature. Successfully implemented measures are to be transferred directly to other locations within the Volkswagen Group following a positive review. The transferability to other district heating customers such as GHD or residential neighborhoods is also to be investigated.


urbanHeat is part of a D-A-CH initiative launched jointly with AEE INTEC from Gleisdorf, Austria and SPF Institut für Solartechnik HSR from Rapperswil, Switzerland.


07/2020 - 06/2024


Gefördert durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie

Förderkennzeichen: 03EN3023A

Project partners

  • MAN - MAN Bus & Truck SE, Nürnberg
  • N-ERGIE – N-ERGIE Netz GmbH, Nürnberg
  • VW AG – Volkswasgen AG, Wolfsburg

Associated Project Partners

  • VW-K – VW Kraftwerk GmbH, Wolfsburg