Energetische Optimierung der Trinkwarmwasser-Bereitstellung der Zentralmensa an der Universit├Ąt Kassel

Short description

The operation of the central canteen requires a large amount of hot water that is currently being prepared with the help of district heating. In addition to the heat demand, there is also a great need for refrigeration processes. The coldness is produced by multiple chillers. These are electrically driven compression chillers that currently discharge their rejected heat to the environment without any use.

As part of the work it has been determined how much heat is rejected and what proportion can be recovered by means of a heat recovery. The aim was to cover a very high fraction of the hot water demand with the rejected heat from the chillers and thus to reduce the demand of district heating. Further, opportunities for the hydraulic integration of the heat recovery in the whole system are worked out. As an extension of the system the opportunity to integrate a solar thermal system was examined.

The IDE executed the determination of the current status of the system (hot water and cooling supply), the calculation of the heat flows, the development of optimization options, the dimensioning of components such as storage tanks, heat exchangers, etc., and the creation of hydraulic schemes. After completion of the planning, the IDE supported the University of Kassel in preparing the resulting calls for tenders.



03.2014 - 11.2014


Financed by Kassel University