Entwicklung, Untersuchung und Anwendung von Optimierungsmethoden für den Planungsprozess großer solarintegrierter Wärmeversorgungsanlagen

Short description

Due to complex behaviour conditioned by time-varying weather and consumption profiles, the large solar heating systems with more than 100 m² of collector area are still mostly planned individually. The project aims at developing a methodology for optimizing dimensions of the components of large solar plants in the planning process. Modern mathematical optimization methods (genetic algorithms) were coupled with the simulation environment TRNSYS, in which the solar systems are simulated. The results of optimization of various solar systems show that either an increase by 10% of the solar fraction at the same costs of the system or a reduction by 15% of the solar heat costs at the constant solar fraction can be achieved.


2006 bis 2010


Supported by the European Union in the framework of Marie Curie Early Stage Research Networks SolNet