Simulationsbasierte Fehlerdetektion für große solarthermischen Anlagen

Short description

The aim of this work is the development and validation of a simulation-based method of monitoring, detection and identification of faults in the operation of large solar thermal systems. Due to the number of installed components and control devices as well as varying weather and usage conditions, the performance of large solar integrated heating systems is highly complex. After construction suboptimal parameter settings or even failures of individual components are often not noticed in the solar system part, because the malfunction to be compensated by increased boiler heating. Therefore particularly large systems require throughout their operation period of an automated, accurate, inexpensive and quick function on supervision. The approach is based on a comparison of TRNSYS simulations with measured data with consideration of uncertainties.


2006 bis 2010


Supported by the European Union in the framework of Marie Curie Early Stage Research Networks SolNet

Cooperation partner

  • SOLID GmbH, Graz
  • TU Graz