Theoretische und experimentelle Untersuchungen großer kostengünstiger Solarspeicher in Mehrkomponentenbauweise

Short description

The aim of this research project is the development of easy-to-install, cost-effective and efficient hot water tank in the order of 3 to 30 m³. The functional separation of water resistance, thermal insulation and mechanical stability enable the modular structure of a cubic, low pressure-operated reservoir, fills the maximum available space. The construction requires the use of special materials such as plastics and high quality insulating materials. Scientific questions relate in particular to the construction, the (long-term) -suitability of the materials used and the hydraulic integration. The mechanical and solar thermal functioning of the storage was investigated in laboratory and field tests and numerical calculations. The easy installation of this storage is designed to simplify the installation of large solar thermal combisystems with solar fraction rates of 50% and more at new and existing buildings and thus contribute to the market penetration of such systems. Another market segment is the use of modular storages for large solar thermal systems for domestic hot water preparation for multi-family buildings and non-residential buildings.


2007 bis 2010


Supported by the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety Building

Funding code: 0329284A

Cooperation partner

  • Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Thermodynamik und Wärmetechnik (ITW)
  • ContiTech, Nordheim