12th European Annual Conference on Human Decision Making and Manual Control

June 22-24, 1993, Kassel, Germany

When planing this event, I sometimes looked back to the year 1984, when I started working in Kassel and in the field of man-machine systems. The Fourth European Annual Manual at Soesterberg in The Netherlands was the first event in this field I participated. I have seen some of the people I met there on different other conferences later, and some will also come to Kassel now.
In 1984, we were 3 scientists in our lab, got our first computer with 1 MB main memory and 120 MB disk. Our first project dealt with coal-fired power plants. During a task analysis we climbed onto the top of the boiler house of the sample plant - 40 m above the ground.
Now the Laboratory of Man-Machine Systems of the University of Kassel celebrated its 10th universary. Twelve scientists and several students, working in different projects, are sharing 8 workstations, more than 10 PCs, and Gigabytes of disk space. One of our projects deals with future air traffic management, and the scenarios used for task analyses play between 10.000 and 48.000 ft above sea level. We are not only growing, we are also rising.
But despite the growth of our discipline and the changes in technology at large, I hope we are able to preserve the atmosphere of an informal conference among friends working towards the same goal - a better adaptation of technical systems to the human.

Bernd-Burkhard Borys

Conference Chairmen
Gunnar Johannsen and Bernd-Burkhard Borys

Conference Contributions

Session 1: Knowledge Acquisition and Knowledge Based Support Chairman: K. P. Timpe
M. Duribreux, P. Caulier, B. Houriez, D. Waroux Elicitation and Analysis of Expert Knowledge on the Operation of Gas Distribution Networks
S. Borndorff-Eccarius Supporting Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-Based Fault Diagnosis Systems
K. R. Kimmel An Experimental Environment for the Knowledge-Based Support of Man-Machine Interaction
M. Hollender Co-operative Context-Based Problem Solving
Session 2: People at Work Chairman: H. J. Sommer
K.-D. Leimbach A Human Operator Supported Controller Adjustment Strategy of a Spatial Multi-Axis Test Facility
M. Beka Be Nguema, N. Malvache, D. Waroux Contributing to the Algorithmic Modelling of Human Operator performing Temperature Adjustment Task
L. Desombre, N. Malvache Reliability and Visual Workload of a Pilot performing a simple Decision Making Task and submitted to Very Low Frequency Vibrations
Session 3: Psychological and Philosophical Aspects Chairman: B.-B. Borys
E. Edsberg The Impact of Professional Training on Pattern of Problem Solving
J.-C. Popieul, L. Mollin, Th. Berger, L. Delporte Introducing a New Formalism taking Man into account in Automated Manufacturing Systems Design
H. J. Sommer, R. Rettberg Computer Experiments to optimize Human Interactive Systems
Session 4: Interfaces Chairman: T. Inagaki
M. L. Benaissa. H. Ezzedine, J.-C. Angue An Interface Specification Method for Industrial Processes
M. Grislin, C. Kolski, J.-C. Angue Towards an Organization of Man-machine Interface Evaluation Techniques using a Usability Criteria Grid
L. Fejes, G. Strätz Aspects of Operator and User Support in the Design of Panel Diagrams for Process Control
M. Debevc, N. Muskinja, Z. Cucej, D. Ðonlagic User Interface for Real-Time Adaptive Control
Session 5: Vehicles: Perception and Control Chairman: H. P. Willumeit
J.-O. Hartz Designing Displays for Using the Full Visual Field
W. Stein Studies in Human Supervisory Control of Mobile Telerobotic Systems
W. D. Käppler Views on the Role of Simulation in Driver Training
Session 6: Fault Mangement and Imprecise Knowledge Chairman: G. Johannsen
T. Inagaki, K. Fujioka Decision Support for Multiple-Fault Diagnosis under Vague Information
I. Dassonville, D. Jolly, A. M. Desodt Modelization of a Teleoperation System using Belief Functions
M. Masson Prevention of Mindset in Operator Temporal Activities
Session 7: Human Behavior and Modelling Chairman: H. G. Stassen
J. Wiklund. K. O. Wiklund Chaos Theory and the Prediction of Human Behaviour
A. Derder, C. Garbay Model Based Control of Human Behaviour
J. Schwinn A Theoretical Approach for Hybrid User Modelling
Session 8: Human Errors and Safety Chairman: E. Edsberg
G. Becker, L. Camarinopoulos Modelling Human Error during Scheduled Inspections with Markovian Techniques
W. C. Yoon, Y. H. Lee, Y. S. Kim A New Description Scheme and a Computer Support for the Analysis of Human Errors in Nuclear Power Plants
T. Inagaki, S. Hasegawa Safety-Control of Large-Complex Systems: Intelligent Information Processing and Decision Making
V. Gerdes A Framework for Quantifying Human Errors
Session 9: Operator Support and Training Chairperson: E. A. Averbukh
H. Paunonen Developing the Operators' Job through Automation Products
I. Crevits, S. Debernard, F. Vanderhaegen, P. Millot Scheduling feasibility and two-processors allocation
N. C. Boreham Reduction of Human Errors by Simulator Training