Membership or authorisation to use the University Library is set for a defined period of time to ensure that personal data is only stored for as long as necessary. This regulation applies exclusively to the Campuscard/library card, not to library cards for University staff:

  • University members: as long as you are employed or enrolled at the university, the membership is automatically extended by one year at a time
  • Regional users: as long as the library account is actively used, the membership is also renewed for another year. Active use is defined as:
    • borrowing items via the self-service devices
    • logging into the KARLA user account
    • logging in to the computers in the library
    • the use of e-media items
    • using the Onleihe

Is your login no longer working or have you forgotten your password (default password is the six-digit date of birth: DDMMYYY)? Please contact us, we can reset your password if necessary.