Seatfinder and Booking Workplaces


The seat finder displays the current usage of workplaces in the Campus Library and at the LEO Learning Centre based on Wi-Fi traffic. The software counts the number of devices registered at the Wi-Fi access points (smartphones, laptops, tablets) every five minutes and by using a certain algorithm estimates the numbers of seats currently occupied. Additional manual counts by staff help to get better data.

Workplaces at LEO

Data privacy

Data from individual devices are not collected, just the total number of devices at each site. The data does neither indicate the location of the device nor the user.

Booking Workplaces

A certain number of workplaces at Campus Library can be reserved online: single work rooms in building B/2 and single workplaces in building C/1.

  • The reservation is valid for the duration of the booked time units.
  • Confirmation is only possible within the campus network.
  • The reservation receipt has to be displayed on demand (print-out or on a mobile device)
Image: Pixabay

Reservations which have not been confirmed within 15 minutes before or after the start of the time unit will be automatically cancelled and can be booked anew via the booking system.

Image: UB Kassel

Booking Work Places

Only for Campus Library at Holländischer Platz

Booking Work Places: Forward