The Lib­rary as a Place of Learn­ing

Various options for academic work and learning on your own or in groups are available at the six sites of the University Library: Campus Library, Brüder-Grimm-Platz, Oberzwehren, Kunsthochschule, Wilhelmshöher Allee and Witzenhausen. For quiet and concentrated work, Kassel University Library offers students various individual work areas. Most of the spaces are located in the Campus Library at Holländischer Platz. For working together in small study groups, there are different designated areas at all library locations where conversations are allowed. Most workplaces can be occupied without booking. However some of the workplaces at Campus Library (single workplaces in C/1 and single work rooms in B/2) have to be reserved for certain time units via the booking system.

The university’s copying system enables you to print, copy and scan at all the photocopiers within the library. Print jobs can be sent from all computers in the library. From off-campus please install the Q-Pilot software via your VPN connection. You need a CampusCard to use these services. For further information about printing, copying and scanning please check the IT Service Centre's website. 

The Campus Library on Holländischer Platz and the site in Witzenhausen provide lockable book trollies for students of Kassel University in their graduation period. The maximum usage period is three months – and one year for Ph.D. candidates. An extension is not possible.

To request a trolley fill in our application form. If trollies are available, we will contact you by e-mail. Please note that proof of your registration for the exam is required. You will find more information in the Richtlinien zur Nutzung von Bücherwagen (Guidelines for Using Book Trollies, German only) or contact us by e-mail: buecherwagen[at]bibliothek.uni-kassel[dot]de.

Single-work rooms for graduate students, formerly known as carrels, are no longer available. They can now be reserved as single-work rooms via the booking system.

During the warm season the roof terrace at Campus Library will be open for learning, working and relaxing. Please note that our rules of conduct concerning eating, drinking, silence and smartphone use apply in this area too. The terrace will be closed at dusk.

Parent/child rooms are located at all sites of Kassel University and are equipped with a playing area, a seating area, a changing table, a high chair, toys and children’s books. One of these rooms is located at the Campus Library. The key is available at the security desk in the lobby, a deposit is required.

Nutzungsordnung Eltern-Kind-Raum (Rules for using parent/child room, German only)

The literature conversion service at Kassel University Library supports blind and visually impaired students to obtain literature relevant to their course in a form that is suitable for them. 

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The multimedia centre at the Campus Library offers 40 workplaces for students of Kassel University, two of them are wheelchair accessible. Computers are equipped with text and image processing software and allow downloading on USB flash drives or other storage devices. DVD writers and media players are also available. 

Regeln zur Internetnutzung (Rules for using the internet, German only)

Open Library enables university members to access library sites beyond regular opening hours.

From October 4th 2022 this service will be launched at the Witzenhausen location, and this concept is also being planned for the site at Wilhelmshöher Allee.

The respective campus card will be activated for the use of Open Library upon application.

The regulations of the University Library and the house rules of the University apply

Further procedural rules can be found in the application for use of Open Library. Please hand in the completed form at the service desk in Witzenhausen.

Lockers in the library can be used to keep jackets, bags and personal items. They have to be emptied when leaving the library at the end of the day. The library does not assume any liability for the contents of the lockers.  

At the Campus Library lockers are opened and closed by using your CampusCard. Activate it once (at the touch point in the lobby). At Brüder-Grimm-Platz, Kunsthochschule, Wilhelmshöher Allee and Witzenhausen you need a EUR 2 coin and at Oberzwehren site you don’t need any coins.

Richtlinien zur Nutzung der Schließfächer in der Campusbibliothek (Guidelines for using lockers at the Campus Library, German only)

A few printed editions are available in the newspaper reading areas at all sites. 

Alternatively you can access newspapers as e-papers.

How to find a work­place quickly


Seat finder displays how many learning and workplaces at the Library and the LEO Learning Centre are currently free or occupied, based on Wi-Fi traffic.

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Book­ing work­places

At the Campus Library on Holländischer Platz some of the single workplaces and all single work rooms can be booked for certain time units via the booking system.

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