International Conference: Beyond the Masters Tools, Post- and Decolonial approaches to Methodolgy and Methods in the Social Sciences | January 2016

The international conference, held in January of 2016 at the University of Kassel, brought together scholars to discuss methodological and methodical critiques as well as potentially post- /decolonial ways of doing empirical research in the social sciences and beyond.

The contention that "the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house" (Lorde) translates into a major critique of Social Science research. Accusations regarding the continuation of "epistemicide" (Santos) highlight the dangers of an occidentalist or Eurocentric research agenda. Post- and decolonial perspectives point to colonial continuities embedded not just in the epistemic foundations and thematic concerns, but also in the actual practices, i.e. the craft of research as canonised in research methods and methodologies.

More information about about the conference is available here.

Audiovisual Impressions of the conference can be found below.


Keynote 1: The Decolonial Otherwise as a cosmopolitan Project | Prof. Dr. Siba Grovogui, Cornell University (USA)

Keynote 2: Decolonizing Feminism: Theories and Practises from the Margins | Prof. Dr. Aida Hernández Castillo, CIESAS (Mexico)

Keynote 3: Postcolonial and Decolonial Reconstructions: The Difference that Haiti Makes | Prof. Dr. Gurminder K. Bhambra, University of Warwick (UK)


Dr. Maria Erikkson Baaz

Prof. Dr. Gurminder K. Bhambra

Prof. Dr. Manuela Boatca

Prof. Dr. Siba Grovogui

Prof. Dr. Peo Hansen

Dr. Julia Suarez Krabbe

Dr. Mariam Popal

Dr. Olivia Rutazibwa

Prof. Dr. Robbie Shilliam




Das Fachgebiet befasst sich mit Nord-Süd Beziehungen nicht nur auf der Ebene der politischen Ökonomie, sondern auch auf der Ebene der Diskurse und reflektiert so auch Fragen von Eurozentrismus und Rassismus. Die Forschung im Fachgebiet bezieht sich auf die zwei folgenden Kernbereiche: