M.A. Global Political Economy



The master program in Global Political Economy (GPE) aims to introduce students to the institutions, actors and processes characterizing contemporary capitalism. It focuses on the global level, but also looks at regional and national settings from a comparative perspective. The program is interdisciplinary in character and is taught by scholars with a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, among them political science, sociology and economics. The curriculum is based on a pluralist understanding of political economy and covers both mainstream and critical perspectives. It stresses the importance of an integrated approach to research, which links empirical analysis with methodological and theoretical considerations. Moreover, there is a practical component to GPE: Students are expected to complete a two-month internship at NGOs, international organizations, research centers etc.



Fields of Study

  • Critical theories and methodologies of GPE

  • Gender perspectives on GPE

  • Global power relations and global governance

  • Globalized finance and trade

  • Global labour studies

  • Human rights and labour rights

  • Postcolonial studies and post-development approaches