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Working Field Lightweight Structures and Structural Dynamics

(former Lightweight Structures and Structural Mechanics Laboratory)

The Lightweight Structures and Structural Mechanics Laboratory was installed by the civil engineering faculty in the year 1980. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Link was the head of the laboratory until his retirement in the year 2006. He gave lectures
•  Analytical Methods in Structural Mechanics
•  The Finite Elemente Method I and II
•  Structural Dynamics
•  The displacement method in static analysis
•  lightweight structural design
•  Mechanics (under graduate courses II und III)

The research topics of the laboratory were emphasizing the development of numerical and experimental methods in structural dynamics and their application not only in  civil engineering  but also in mechanical and aerospace engineering.  Main goal of the research was to improve the simulation models based on the results of experimental vibration analysis.

After the retirement of Prof. Link in the year 2006 the laboratory was devoted to Mechanics and Dynamics (Baumechanik und Baudynamik).

Prof. Link is continuing research work until the end of current research and doctoral projects.

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