Getting to and around in Kassel

How to get around on campus

From Holländischer Platz/Universität

When you get off the tram at "Holländischer Platz/ Universität", walk towards the big glass building (Kurt-Wolters-Straße) and follow the street. Turn left after approx. 300 metres (Mönchebergstraße). The Gießhaus is to your left. Find the registration desk in the entrance hall of the Gießhaus.

From Katzensprung/Universität

When you get off the tram at Katzensprung/Universität, follow the street that goes uphill and turn right after the parking lot on the right side. Turn left after the building on the corner. The Gießhaus is ahead of you.

Find a detailed map of the campus here.

How to get around in Kassel


The city is connected to the national rail network at two stations, Kassel-Central and Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe. The traditional central station (Hauptbahnhof) has been reduced to a regional station; the high speed trains InterCityExpress (ICE) and InterCity stop at Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe.

Kassel has a well-developed public transport network. There are seven tram lines (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), all of which go through the city center and then fan out in different directions.  They arrive usually every 15 minutes on weekdays, and 30 minutes on weekends. The city also operates a light-rail Stadtbahn network called RegioTram which runs on both tram and main line railway tracks with four lines (RT1, RT4, RT5). Moreover, a number of buses complete the Kassel public transportation system

Tram Line 1 (direction Vellmar) directly connects Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe with the University Campus at Holländischer Platz. Tram Line 3 (Direction to Ihringshäuser Straße) or 7 (Direction to Wolfsanger) take you to Katzensprung/Universität, the station located at the other end of campus.

The Kassel-city ticket allows travel in only one zone (within the city of Kassel). The KasselPlus ticket also includes the districts Ahnatal, Baunatal, Calden, Espenau, Fuldabrück, Fuldatal, Habichtswald, Kaufungen, Lohfelden, Nieste, Niestetal, Schauenburg, Staufenberg, and Vellmar.

There are three types of single tickets

  1. A Short Distance Ticket (das Kurzstrecken Ticket) is valid in the KasselPlus Region for rides by bus or tram for up to 4 stations. For train service the ticket is valid for journeys of up to 3 kilometers. One way, one line only, no interchange. (1.70€)
  2. A Normal Single Ticket  (die Einzelfahrkarte) is valid for one way, one ride only, without interchange, without stopover. (3€ for Kassel-City & 3.90€ for KasselPlus)
  3. A 5-Tickets-Block (das 5erTicket)means you get five rides and pay less. The ticket is valid for one way, one ride with interchanges. (13€ for Kassel-City & 16.50€ for KasselPlus)

Daily Tickets are valid for unlimited rides on one day until shutdown and available for one person as MultiTicket Single (6€ for Kassel-City & 7.50 € for KasselPlus) or for two persons as MultiTicket (7.50€ for Kassel-City & 9.50 € for KasselPlus).

All the tickets can be purchased from customer centers and vending machines located in the tram or at numerous outlets in the region.

Public transport route maps are available free of charge at the customer center or online. You can also get more information and look up certain connections on the KVG-Website.


Taxis can be ordered by phone (+49 561 88111), or stopped at the street.

It should be mentioned that taxis are expensive in Germany and are usually metered at 1 to 2€ per kilometer, at night sometimes even more.
There is a difference between the ordinary taxis (the yellow ones) and the private taxis (called "MiniCar"). The MiniCars are often cheaper than the usual taxis.