Nina Manz (M.Sc.)

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin I Fachgebiet Bauwirtschaft I Projektentwicklung

Gottschalkstraße 24
34127 Kassel
Gottschalk 24, Torhaus B, Raum 0113

Vita  (Nina Manz (M.Sc.))

Nina Manz completed her Master degree in Urban Design from HafenCity University, Hamburg, with the publication Bodenfrage(n). Eine kritische Analyse des Eigentums in Theorie und Praxis. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Philosophy from Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich. Her work focuses on (urban) land, property relations and common ownership models. She is one of the initiating members of the project WERK – Haus Neuer Arbeit that develops collective ownership structures in Hamburg Hammerbrook. She works for the local initiative HALLO: Verein für raumöffnende Kultur e.V., which functions as a co-productive intersection between art and urban development. As co-founder of Urban Knowledge Collective, she is interested in the international transfer of city-specific knowledge pools. Nina Manz consults Behörde für Stadtentwicklung und Wohnen on initiating a cooperative process for the inner city development of Hamburg.