Agroforestry Systems

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Sustainable land use systems - agroforestry systems


The project focuses on the investigation of an established agroforestry system consisting of fast-growing woody plants (willows) and arable crops at the Reiffenhausen site (Göttingen district) as well as on accompanying research into the establishment of a new agroforestry system consisting of valuable and nut woody plants in combination with arable crops on the Hessian state domain of Frankenhausen.

Aims and approach

In Reiffenhausen, research focuses on the investigation of root and pore space, the determination of carbon dynamics and the recording of plant development and biomass yield. For this purpose, three research groups of the FB 11 of the University of Kassel are working closely together to investigate these aspects, which are important for agroforestry research.

In Frankenhausen, the focus is on the establishment of a new agroforestry system, which is to be scientifically accompanied. The combination of valuable and nut trees with arable crops is the focus of the research. In addition to the crop development of the cultures (above and below ground), this includes the recording of soil biological parameters as well as the effects on faunistic aspects.