Doctoral Seminar 2023

Doctoral Seminar on Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA)

Two-day doctoral seminar with Jan Dul on November 23rd and 24th, 2023

What is Necessary Condition Analysis?

Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA) is an emerging approach and data analysis technique for identifying necessary (but not sufficient) conditions in data sets. It can complement traditional regression based data analysis as well as methods like QCA. NCA provides very relevant insights for practice. Recent methodological and substantive publications show that NCA can combine rigor and relevance.

Target Group

  • The seminar is open to all graduates of FB07.
  • The event is primarily intended for young scientists from Kassel.


  • The event will take place at ITeG, Pfannkuchstr. 1, 34121 Kassel, Room 0420.

Three Courses

  • The doctoral seminar consists of three courses – seminar, workshop, and advice – requiring different NCA experience levels. The courses can be attended independently from each other.

  • The goal of this seminar is to familiarize researchers with NCA.
  • The seminar is open for any researcher without or with limited knowledge of NCA and who wants to capture the idea of NCA in a relatively short time (1- 1½ hours). 
  • No preparation is needed.
  • The goal of this workshop is to help researchers to conduct NCA.
  • The workshop is open for any researcher with basic knowledge of NCA. This knowledge can gained by having attended an introduction seminar/webinar on NCA, or by reading/exploring one of NCA’s core publications (see below). The duration of the workshop is about 4 hours.
  • We suggest the following preparation:
    • Dul, J. (2020) Conducting Necessary Condition Analysis. Mastering Business Research Methods series, London: Sage Publications
    • Preparation of a short assignment and a presentation.
      • There will be a scheduled working session before the workshop that can be used for preparation.

Dul, J. (2016). Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA) logic and methodology of “necessary but not sufficient” causality. Organizational Research Methods, 19(1), 10– 52.

Dul, J. (2020). Conducting necessary condition analysis. Sage.

Dul, J. (2021). Advances in Necessary Condition Analysis.

Dul, J., Hauff, S., & Ricarda B. Bouncken, R.B. (2023). Necessary condition analysis (NCA): review of research topics and guidelines for good practice. Review of Managerial Science, 17, 683–714.

  • The goal of this advice is to help individual or a small group of researchers with the application of NCA in their specific research project. It focuses on “how to” questions like how to best formulate the specific hypothesis, how to analyse the specific data set, how to interpret the results, how to publish with NCA, etc.
  • The advice is available for any researcher who has started using NCA. The duration of the advice is flexible.
  • Preparation: As a minimum the NCA software and the dataset must be available and accessible on the researcher’s computer, and the researcher must prepare specific questions.

We ask you to register by October 31, 2023. 

Please register by email to Sophia Meywirth with the following information:
Name, Position and Chair, Interest in Seminar, Interest in Workshop, Interest in Advice.

Registration Infos

  • The seminar and workshop are limited to 25 participants.
  • The advice sessions are limited to 3 participants.
  • All places are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Speaker: Jan Dul

Jan Dul is a professor of Technology and Human Factors at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands. He has backgrounds in technical, medical and social sciences and has written more than 200 publications. His recent research focuses on work environments for human performance and on empirical research methodology. Jan is the founder of Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA). He is a regular speaker at academic and professional events worldwide and has shared his insights with over 50 companies. Some of his awards are the “2013 Liberty Mutual Award”, the “International Ergonomics Association Distinguished Service Award” (2015), and the “Hal W. Hendrick Distinguished International Colleague Award” (2015).

Speaker: Jan Dul: Mehr lesen


09:00 – 10:30Seminar: Introduction to NCA 
10:30 – 12:00Working Session for Workshop Participants
12:00 – 13:00Lunch Break
13:00 – 17:00Workshop NCA
09:00 – 12:00Individual Advice Sessions NCA (45 minutes each)



For organizational questions about the seminar, you can contact Sophia Meywirth at