Paula Helm

Two-Day research talk and workshop with Paula Helm

organized by ITeG-Research Center in cooperation with DFG RTG Privacy and Trust


April 22rd: ITeG Research Talk
April 23th: Workshop


ITeG, Universität Kassel, Pfannkuchstr. 1, 34121 Kassel

Workshop (preparation required)

  • Participants should send chapters or papers that are part of their dissertation to Paula Helm by 18.04.2024.

  • Based on the chapter or paper, workshop participants prepare a 10-minute problem-oriented input in advance, which they present at the workshop.

Workshop content and program

Workshop: Dealing with Value Tensions and Ethical Dilemmas in Information Systems Design

Based on the almost mythical promise that data-driven insights are the foundation for optimized processes, designs, and decisions, data has developed as an immensely powerful socioeconomic and political force over the past three decades. Consequently, much of our current information and knowledge infrastructures are built around the production, augmentation, processing, analyzing, interoperation, and benchmarking of data. In response, the field of Critical Data & Design Studies is concerned with demystifying these complex assemblages. It deconstructs the notion that data is a raw mass and thus an immediate reflection of reality, replacing it with an understanding of data as the product and catalyst of complex social practices that are not only contingent, but oozing with asymmetries of power. Responding to the acknowledgement of bias as an omnipresent fact of life and design, CDS is also concerned with how to translate relevant values into systems design and how to balance tensions between values, requirements, and interests during this process.

In addition to focusing on data and design, in this workshop, we will also address further-reaching ethical-political challenges that you may encounter during your work, by highlighting the role of entrenched informatics methodologies, modeling bias, and infrastructural dependencies as other relevant factors that require looking beyond data and design.

Workshop Language: The language of the workshop depends on the participants and can be in either German or English.

17:30 – 19:00
ITeG-Research Talk with Dr. Paula Helm
Reclaiming Ethical Complexity in Value Sensitive Technology & Systems Design. The Case of Privacy and Diversity
09:30 – 12:30PhD-Workshop with Dr. Paula Helm
Dealing with Value Tensions and Ethical Dilemmas in Information Systems Design
  • At the beginning of the workshop, Paula Helm will give a short introduction to her research and the topic of the workshop.
  • Following each participant's input, there will be a discussion in the workshop group and Paula Helm will give feedback.
  • More information on the exact schedule and time frame of the workshop will follow.

We ask you to register by April 1, 2024.
-> Please register by email to Florian Müller.
-> Send your own papers to Paula Helm by April 18.

Speaker: Paula Helm

I am an Asisstant Professor in the field of Critical Data Studies and AI Ethics. My work is situated at the intersection of STS, Media Studies and Ethics. Apart from teaching and research, I am also serving as a member of the UvA Ethics Commission. The larger goal and mission of my work is to move AI-Ethics from the PR- to the Engineering- and Development-Level. To reach this goal, I am collaborating closely with partners from Computer Science, applying and combining co-creation approaches with empirical ethics, future methodologies, experimental designs and feminist technoscience. I hold a doctorate in philosophy (summa cum laude).

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