We work for the health, safety and efficiency of organizations and develop practical and scientifically sound methods and procedures for this purpose.


Employee survey with the Kassel MABO (Modular Analysis of Stress Factors in Organizations). An instrument for recording the organizational climate, management behaviour, stress levels and employee satisfaction and/or the corporate and safety culture.

According to the GP-Kompass, the MABO questionnaire is one of the best-rated instruments for psychological risk assessment. As an independent research institute, the UKE has evaluated various instruments from different institutions according to a points system.

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A measurement system for analyzing body and eye movements to assess fitness for use, mental stress and fatigue - optionally supplemented with EEG (electroencephalogram)

Safety Scanning

A software-supported moderation process to properly integrate safety into operational decision-making processes from the outset

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Scanning for digitization

A software-supported moderation process to implement digitalization in assembly and manufacturing operations correctly from the outset in the planning phase

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Healthy leadership

Intervention training that provides positive feedback on leadership behavior to minimize absenteeism, increase motivation and boost efficiency in the company

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CAHR procedure

Analysis of incidents and evaluation of human reliability with regard to human causes and effective preventive measures in accordance with VDI 4006

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Non-metric multidimensional scaling for analyzing interactions in complex systems

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Application scenarios

Ergonomic analyses of workplaces through the complementary use of questionnaires, interview techniques and objective measurements and movement recordings to identify and efficiently avoid physical and mental stresses and strains
Evaluating and ensuring the effectiveness of management systems: Effective process design from a psychological perspective for the effective and realistic implementation of management systems
Holistic assessment of mental stress, demographics, competence, leadership and job satisfaction and their interactions