Activities of the department



  • 11.2021 Oliver Sträter gives a lecture on the topic: "Entgrenzte Arbeitsgestaltung - Entgrenzen wir uns selbst?" at the 5th KFT Autumn Conference on 04.11.2021 in Cottbus.

  • 10.2021 Inauguration of the Centre of Excellence for Safety Critical Systems at IITM, Madras, India with participation of A&O.Link to video

  • 10.2021TRANSENS Ring Lecture on Nuclear Waste Management. The TRANSENS lecture series spans over 2 semesters of 2 SWS each from the technical basics to the ethical, socio-ecological, economic, legal and political implications of the search for a suitable site for the final disposal of highly radioactive waste. While the first semester focuses on the technical fundamentals as well as selected socio-technical aspects of nuclear power, the second semester deals with the site selection process on a very broad scientific basis and from different scientific perspectives. The lecture series is initially aimed at students from the universities participating in the TRANSENS project.

  • 09.2021 Deutschlandfunk: The pitfalls of teamwork in the home office with a contribution from the department.Link to audio contribution

  • 08.2021 Oliver Sträter has been appointed to the advisory board of the BMBF's "Future of Value Creation - Research on Production, Services and Work" program in his capacity as president of the Gesellschaft für Arbeitswissenschaft.

  • 07.2021 Dr. Alberto Bárcenas gives an online lecture on the work of the department entitled "Psicología laboral y organizacional" at the 'Conferencia sobre Ergonomía' in Nicaragua on 17.07.2021.

  • 06.2021 Dr. Meike Siebert-Adzic gives a lecture on the topic"Mental Health in the Corona Time: Influencing Factors on the Mental Health of Employees - Approaches & Options for Action to Maintain Health" in the context of the network event "More Workplace Health North Hesse" of the expert forum "Workplace Health".

  • 05.2021 Guest of Honor speech at the Webinar of the Indian Society for Reliability and Safety (SRESA) with the Indian Institute of Risk and Reliability (IIRR) and the Safety Critical Systems Lab. (IIT. MADRAS) "Human Reliability Assessment in automated systems and implications for an integrated system design "

  • 05.2021 BR 24 - Psychological consequences of employee monitoring,SXxaLu1

  • 04.2021 Oliver Sträter receives the honorary plaque of the VDI in recognition of his honorary services as a long-standing member of the advisory board "Safety and Reliability" and as chairman of the technical committee "Human Reliability and Safety".
  • 04.2021 Interview with Oliver Sträter "With the numbers, the stress increases" on the corona-related stressful work situation of medical and nursing staff in hospitals, HNA of 04/13/2021.
  • 03.2021 The department participates as an expert on the topic of the world of work in the activity "Jugend Forscht - Hessen Landeswettbewerb 2021 - Schüler experimentieren", this year purely virtually.
  • 03.2021 The department, together with cooperation partners from the fields of physiotherapy (eCovery) and sports (Ringer-Verband Sachen e. V.) as well as the Center for Research on Musculoskeletal System of the University of Leipzig (zesbo), was awarded a prize by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for the project idea "Physio für die Hosentasche - therapeutisches KI-basiertes Training fürs Büro und die Rehazuhause".
  • 03.2021 Oliver Sträter is elected president ofthe Gesellschaft für Arbeitswissenschaft e.V. at the spring congress in Bochum from 03.03.2021-05.03.2021.
  • 02.2021 University-wide information event on the measures from the second organizational climate survey.
  • 02.2021What does the repository search need as a learning and self-questioning process? - Processes, structures, experiences; discourse at the expert conference subareas with Oliver Straeter (AuO) and Juliane Dickel (BUND) - BASE - Final Repository Search - Events - First consultation date expert conference subareas (
  • 01.2021 VDI forum mannheim 2020/2021: Risk factor human? - Shaping reliable action. At the technoseum Mannheim



  • 11.2019 Now available: VDI book on"Human risk factor?-Designing reliable action" published by Beuth Verlag (editor: Oliver Sträter).
  • 11.2019 Oliver Sträter on the topic of human-automation interactions in VDI News - Focus: Research Human-Machine Interface 4.0.
  • 11.2019 Oliver Sträter presents the results of the organizational climate survey at the university public information event.
  • 10.2019This is how surveillance affects the workplace (SWR) - Interview with Oliver Sträter.
  • 09.2019 The department is represented at the 29th European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL) on September 22 - 26 in Hannover.
  • 09.2019 When it comes to the extreme - Analysis and design potentials regarding human errors in rope assisted work in wind turbines - contribution of the department to the FISAT seminar.
  • 08.2019 Deutsche Bahn is setting up a media training room for the training of train dispatchers, modeled on the virtual room of the A&O department and the research in LOEWE-Safer Materials.
  • 06.2019 The University-wide Organizational Climate Survey, which the department is charged with conducting, is underway.
  • 06.2019 At Campusfest, the department presents the remote gaze control of a vehicle.
  • 06.2019 Oliver Sträter gives a lecture on "The error-free human in medicine" at a training event of the Agaplesion Diakonie Kliniken.
  • 05.2019 The AUVA paper "Automation using the example of autonomous driving" highlights key aspects of human reliability in the context of autonomous driving based on research in Kassel.
  • 05.2019 Oliver Sträter speaks at the 29th VDI Technical Reliability Conference on the topic "Human Risk Factor? - Designing Reliable Action".
  • 04.2019 HNA - Caregivers are often sick themselves.
  • 04.2019Economy North Hesse - Combining momentum and stability profitably (p. 17).
  • 03.2019 Oliver Sträter gives a lecture on "Development of a planning support for safe and cost-effective dismantling" at the 14th International Symposium "Conditioning of Radioactive Operational and Decommissioning Waste" (KONTEC) in Dresden on March 29.
  • 03.2019 Oliver Sträter presents the organizational climate survey planned for summer 2019 at the staff meeting of the University of Kassel on 13.03. The department has been commissioned to conduct the survey.
  • 02.2019 Oliver Sträter is appointed to the advisory board of the BMAS project KI.ASSIST.

  • 01.2019 Oliver Sträter is awarded the 'Life Time Achievement Award' by the Indian Society for Reliability and Safety for his research in the field of human reliability.


  • 12.2018 As part of the IntAKom project, the department participates in the Fraunhofer IAO work research conference in Stuttgart.
  • 11.2018 At the Innovation Day of the Berufsgenossenschaft Holz und Metall in Mainz, the department presents the cEYEberman and the studies on mental stress at U-lines.
  • 11.2018 The department is represented at the VDE Tec Summit 2018. Here, we will show which technologies are already a reality and which challenges and opportunities the digital future will still bring.

  • 10.2018 Oliver Sträter gives a presentation on human reliability in decommissioning at the annual meeting of the International Decommissioning Network (IDN) of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
  • 09.2018 The department presents the further development of the ModularAnalysis ofStress Factorsin Organizations(MABO) questionnaire at the conference of the Professional Association of Psychology for Occupational Safety and Health(PASiG).
  • 07.2018 The department presents, among other things, the measurement suit cEYEberman at the first TransWork Symposium of the BMBF funding priority "Work in the digitalized world" at the Fraunhofer Institute Center in Stuttgart.
  • 01.2018 Oliver Sträter is appointed by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs as a deputy member of the Committee for Industrial Safety.

2009 - 2017


  • The A&O department is represented as a co-exhibitor at the A+A 2017 in Düsseldorf.
  • 07.2017 Oliver Sträter presents Human Reliability Research activities at the 8th Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics in Los Angeles.
  • 07.2017 Oliver Sträter is appointed Adjoint Professor at the École de technologie supérieure, Montréal (Qc) Canada.
  • 03.2017 Oliver Sträter is at the50th spring congress of the Gesellschaft für Arbeitswissenschaft (GfA) (24.03. to 26.03.2017) Oliver Sträter was elected vice president of the GfA.


  • 09.2016 Oliver Sträter speaks on human reliability aspects in the field of repository research at the international ENTRIA workshop "Technological Monitoring and Long-Term Governance" in Karlsruhe on 18-19.10.2016.
  • 05.2016 Hessenschau kompakt - Noise protection in a different way >>>
  • 04.2016 managerSeminare - Leadership in the new working world >>>
  • 03.2016 Oliver Sträter gave a lecture on the topic of "Self-questioning systems" on 23.03. at the invitation of the Commission Storage of Highly Radioactive Waste Materials of the German Bundestag.
  • 03.2016 The department becomes active in the Research Network for Social Law and Social Policy (FoSS) of the University of Applied Sciences Fulda and the University of Kassel.


  • 11.2015 Oliver Sträter participated in the panel discussion on "Health in the world of work 4.0 - what challenges do the chemical social partners face?" at the invitation of the employers' association ChemieNord.
  • 09.2015 HNA - One room, many scenarios >>>
  • 05.2015 DIE ZEIT - Das Magazin 2015 - A&O on page 5 >>>
  • 05.2015 NDR - Der Durchblicker >>>
  • 05.2015 HNA - There is enormous pressure on airlines >>>
  • 04.2015 HNA - Tired pilots in view >>>
  • 04.2015 Hans Martin Award 2015 announced >>>
  • 02.2015 Oliver Sträter is appointed by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs as a member of the Committee on Operational Safety
  • 02.2015 The department becomes active in the International Center for Development and Decent Work (ICDD) at the University of Kassel.
  • 01.2015 VDI nachrichten >>>


  • 11.2014 Oliver Sträter becomes a member of the board of the Graduate Academy of the University of Kassel >>>
  • 2014-09 MH 17 could have been prevented from being shot down, if a proper safety scanning had been performed for the Ukrainian airspace >>>
  • 05.2014 publik MAGAZIN - When the cEYEberman comes >>>
  • 02.2014 Safety scanning is introduced by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) as a best-practice method for the evaluation of specifications in European air traffic control (EASA ED 2013-32-R) >>>


  • 12.2013 HNA - A good word from the boss can go a long way >>>
  • 11.2013 DIE WELT online - In the realm of rules >>>
  • 10.2013 Starting the first semester with perspective >>>
  • 08.2013 Economy North Hesse - Employing employees in an age-appropriate way >>>
  • 07.2013 Safety culture and safety scanning tool >>>
  • 07.2013 ZEIT ONLINE - The power of giving >>>
  • 07.2013 Detach from work on vacation >>>
  • 07.2013 HNA - AAL@Home research project in the magazine "Der Gesundbrunnen" of the evangelische Altenhilfe Nordhessen >>>
  • 06.2013 Lecture on "Human Factor and Safety Culture" at the 94th Safety Science Colloquium of the University of Wuppertal >>>
  • 06.2013 A&O at "Hessen Schafft Wissen" >>>
  • 06.2013 Exploding kisses and a cyberman >>>
  • 06.2013 Participation at the Hessentag on the street of science >>>
  • 05.2013 Interview in the IHK magazine Wirtschaft REGION FULDA >>>
  • 01.2013 The method developed by the A&O department to examine the suitability criteria for train dispatchers with regard to modern information technologies and demographic change was incorporated into the corresponding corporate guideline of the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways)


  • 12.2012 The PASIG (Psychology of Occupational Safety and Health) is founded in Jena. The head of the department is a founding member and member of the extended board >>>
  • 12.2012 Lecture on "Robust planning of demographic change in companies" at the symposium Arbeitsplanung und Prävention >>>
  • 11.2012 Keynote lecture on "Healthy leadership as the basis for a healthy, efficient and safe design of work" at the BKK conference Competitive advantage health >>>
  • 10.2012 The department presents the Safety Scanning method at an EU workshop on the production of a European safety standard for risk industries >>>
  • 06.2012 The project Reducing the shortage of engineering specialists by lowering the dropout rate was selected as a model project of the EU Structural Funds as a contribution to the Europe 2020 Strategy >>>
  • 05.2012 Under the motto: "Successfully designing safe and healthy work - research and implementation in practice", the 17th Workshop Psychology of Occupational Safety and Health took place at BG RCI in Maikammer >>>
  • 05.2012 RWE Newsletter - GO AHEAD AND STAY FIT ALL AROUND RWE Power - "Eye movement" >>>
  • 05.2012 HNA - "Suit makes for better posture" >>>
  • 04.2012 Our field was at the HANNOVER MESSE 2012 >>>
  • 03.2012 Our field was represented at the CEBIT! >>>
  • 02.2012 The spring congress 2012 of the Gesellschaft für Arbeitswissenschaft (GfA) took place under the motto "Design of sustainable work systems - ways to healthy, efficient and safe work" >>>
  • 02.2012 HNA - "Satisfied employees talk" >>>


  • 11.2011 Training course of A&O with NLR: SafetyScanning - A way to approach safety from the beginning >>>
  • 11.2011 In the future, the department will advise the Swiss Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (Ensi) on important questions concerning the safety of nuclear power plants as part of an international expert group >>>
  • 11.2011 "Wirtschaft Nordhessen", - "Sick leave is the tip of the iceberg" >>>
  • 11.2011 Hessenschau - "How managers master innovation pressure" >>>
  • 06.2011 Media traders test eye-tracking >>>
  • 06.2011 The FG represents flight safety issues at the EUROPE/US INTERNATIONAL AVIATION SAFETY CONFERENCE, JUNE 14 - 16, 2011, Vienna, Austria >>>
  • 06.2011 Start of the Practical Experience Tour to increase the practical relevance for mechanical engineering students. Cooperation partners: VDI, Fräger GmbH, German E-Cars
  • 06.2011 HNA - "Glasses show stress" - "Self-determined living in old age" >>>
  • 05.2011 The department at the Campusfest "40 years University Kassel" >>>
  • 05.2011 Panel lecture on "The human being in accidents" at the Forum Prävention of the AUVA >>>
  • 05.2011 - "Something would be free at the end of May" >>>
  • 04.2011 HNA - Strategies for more success >>>
  • 03.2011 VDI news - Demand for engineers continues to grow >>>
  • 03.2011 News from the University of Kassel - Dropping out of mechanical engineering studies was yesterday - Coaching & Mentoring helps with study difficulties
  • 01.2011 The FG is involved in the Safety Assessment Task Force of EASA to draft the EU guideline for safety assessment in the Single European Sky
  • 01.2011 Safety Scanning has been recommended by the Aviation Supervisory Authorities of 7 EU Member States (France, England, Ireland, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland) as a tool for the assessment of safety activities in the Single European Sky >>>
  • 01.2011 "Human error" is a matter of interpretation - VDI-Nachrichten >>> online version or >>> paper version
  • 01.2011 The fact is... - The A&O department at MDR on the topic of healthy leadership >>>


  • 11.2010 On Friday, November 26, 2010 Kassel experienced a never seen knowledge battle! 6 scientists in a fierce battle for fame and glory. On this video channel you can experience the slammers one more time >>>
  • 10.2010 The service Coaching & Mentoring to support the mechanical engineering students at the University of Kassel is launched
  • 10.2010 The approach of healthy leadership successfully applied to dealing with difficult litigants in the social court system >>>
  • 10.2010 Dr. Jürgen Klipert speaks at "Kassel im Blick" about labor market and social policy >>>
  • 09.2010 The VDI Guideline 4006 Sheet 3 Human Reliability - Methods for Event Analysis is published in green print >>>
  • 09.2010 On course (VR-Bank-Newsletter) >>>
  • 07.2010 HNA - Löw is the ideal boss >>>
  • 06.2010 IGM technical information on work design - 38 tips for the workplace >>>
  • 05.2010 - What costs bad leadership? >>>
  • 02.2010 HNA - One man, one engine >>>
  • 02.2010 Kommunikation Kassel - Engine and gearbox for Uni Kassel >>>
  • 01.2010 Wissen Schafft Anwendung - What does (bad) leadership cost? >>>
  • 01.2010, Press release 67/10 - What does bad leadership cost? >>>


  • 06.2009 HNA - I teach in Kassel. Portrait of Oliver Sträter >>>
  • 01.2009 HNA - People are important >>>