Research activities

The field of industrial and organizational psychology deals with the analysis and design of working conditions,

... with work-related stresses and strains, with the analysis of work organizations and their specific effects on organizational members, and with the different forms of competence development in profit and non-profit organizations.

In the area of basic research, A&O psychology is concerned with the development of analytical methods, with the development of design criteria, with the systematic investigation of the effects of specific working conditions on the behavior and experience of those directly affected, and with the formation of theories to explain work behavior.

In the field of application, design concepts are developed in various work areas, industries and organizations and proposals are worked out to improve the working conditions for the employees concerned and to increase the efficiency of the organization. Observation and survey methods are used and further developed for this purpose. All operational levels are included in the investigations.

In order to be able to check and assess the effects of the proposed measures, various evaluation measures and procedures are used and further developed in a manner appropriate to the subject matter.

Key topics of our research are:

  • Cognition, cognitive modeling and simulation of complex interacting systems.
  • Human reliability and system robustness (resilience)
  • Healthy leadership and organizational efficiency
  • Mental and physical stress and strain
  • Efficient and safe design of work systems, work equipment and working conditions
  • Ergonomic product and production design
  • Work organization, knowledge processing, competence and qualification
  • Impact of technological, organizational & regulatory changes on people
  • Development of vocational education and training programs in the context of human resources development
  • Safety management, safety system assessment
  • Incident or accident analysis and behavior modification
  • Psychological and organizational aspects of management systems effectiveness
  • Psychological design of regulatory systems and social developments
  • Cultural aspects of work organization
  • Age-appropriate design of products and processes

Topic "cognitive processing cycle"

The basic approach of the research is that in any situation - whether in interaction with a machine or in human communication - humans are information processors in which cognitive and emotional components interact according to the cognitive processing cycle.

Topic "cognitive processing cycle": further information