In addition to traditional core areas of mechanical engineering, cross-technical and interdisciplinary key topics play a decisive role for mechanical engineers in today's working world.

Why study labor and management psychology?

Besides the traditional focus points of the studies of mechanical engineering, like material, construction, mechanics, regulation and production, for mechanical engineers in today’s labor market, interdisciplinary topics play an important role. Engineers need to be able to analyze the contexts of their and their co-workers work environment, as well as understand and design it. Part of this is the question of labor management, labor processes and the human being at the work place, especially in the interaction with technical systems. In the past, the skills in alumni of engineer studies were either not developed or only developed by chance. Today they belong to the self-evident profile of qualification of every alumni of mechanical engineering.

For that reason, labor and management psychology is an important content for a future-oriented training of engineers. Certainly, this field of study can also be of importance for the future careers of students with a different focus point in their field of study, therefor our lectures are open for these students as well. Please refer to your curriculum.