01.11.2023 | International

Sprachenzentrum: Freie Plätze im Kurs Technical English UNIcert III Teil 1

Studierende aus dem FB 06 können diesen Kurs kostenfrei belegen und ECTS erwerben. 


Vor der Anmeldung ist eine Einstufung nötig (online):



Anschließend ist die Anmeldung möglich


Kurs: 00ENte310


This course comprises a Technical English part and a General English part. In each part, we will train the following skills on an advanced level: reading, listening, speaking and discussing plus writing (argumentative reports).

I Technical Part 
Will be taught by means of the course book and other materials.

II General Part
Upper intermediate aspects of the English language will be looked at and trained.

III ECTS Requirements
Regular attendance, 1 presentation, 1 test

A major focus of this class is sustainability (e.g., sustainable tech processes) - see the UN's  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).