Cognitive design

Example project:
Ergobest (2021)

Research and work focus

Human information processing
Psychologically based modeling of human-technology interaction, system design taking into account human cognitive performance limits, attention control and eye movement, perception-action coupling in the work environment

Determination of critical physical and cognitive stress in work systems, measurement and automated evaluation of physical stress (e.g. motion capturing), automated measurement and evaluation of cognitive stress (e.g. eye tracking)

Information and knowledge management
Identification of barriers and obstacles to intra-organizational information and knowledge transfer, development of concepts for knowledge transfer between and within distributed groups, cognitive effects of trust and uncertainty in the exchange of information and experiential knowledge, methods for assessing implicit knowledge and communication behavior and for designing communication strategies

Decision support systems
Training optimization: real-time feedback regarding critical mental attitudes/work steps, highlighting work-relevant information under varying workloads (cognitive/physical stress), development of knowledge-based and application-oriented methods for decision support