Organizational design

Example project:
Employee survey on organizational climate (2018-2020; University of Kassel).

Section “Organizational Development”. Research and work priorities

Healthy management

Research, development/design and evaluation of (new) concepts in personnel management and the handling of “challenges in future personnel management”: Methods to evaluate trust in organizations, age differentiated leadership approach to face the demographic change, analysis of emotions in context of healthy management, conception and evaluation of training blocks concerning health management.

Psychological stress

Development of tools to measure mental stress, development of methods to prevent and decrease stains to promote mental and physical as well as social-emotional health in the work environment.

Organizational climate

Development of methods to measure the organizational climate, implementation and evaluation of actions to configure and improve the organizational climate.

Learning organism

Development of concepts for active idea management, use and evaluation of different questionnaire methods for organizational and personnel development, conception and implementation of human resources development and training.