Newspapers from Kassel and North Hesse

Printed Newspapers

As a legalt deposit library, Kassel State Library collects all newspapers published in its region. All newspapers are listed in the KARLA catalogue portal and in the Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB) (National Database of Periodicals).

The printed holdings of the State Library were largely destroyed in a bombing raid on September 9, 1941. While most of the Hassiaca holdings have been reconstructed since then, the collection of newspapers is an exception. As a result, the State Library only holds small holdings of printed historical newspapers from the years before 1945.

Image: ORKA

Newspapers on Microfilm

The majority of these historical newspapers are available on microfilm. Thus, these crucial sources of local and regional history are accesible to our readers.

Newspapers on microfilm are also listed in KARLA as well as in the ZDB. In addition, there are alphabetically arranged lists of Kassel newspapers and newspapers from outside of Kassel.

Printed versions of these lists are avaiable at the information desk.

Microforms can be viewed on two reader printers (film readers with a print function). These allow you to print pages from the microfilms and/or save them on a flash drive.

For questions and reservations, please contact the information desk. Please note that the North Hessian newspapers are stored in the stacks. Therefore, required films have to be oredered ahead of your visit when you reserve a reader printer.

Digital Newspapers

Digital copies of historical newspapers from North Hesse:

You can find more digital copies of newspapers from North Hesse at Hassiaca digital.