Hassiaca digital

Digitized literature on North Hesse can be found in the online archive ORKA under the sub-collection Hassiaca in the collection Monographs.

Friedrich Wilhelm Strieder: Grundlage zu einer Hessischen Gelehrten und Schriftsteller Geschichte seit der Reformation bis auf gegenwärtige Zeiten. Göttingen et al. 1781ff (later volumes with other editors).

Digital copies are accessible at the Bavarian State Library.


Volumes of the Kurhessischer Staatskalender (Almanach of the Electorate of Hesse) and its successor Königlich Preussischer Staatsdienst-Kalender (Royal Prussian State Almanach), digitized by the State Library, can be found in the online archive ORKA. Issues published between 1835 and 1866 under the title Kurfürstlich Hessisches Hof- und Staatshandbuch (Almanach of the Court and State of the Electorate of Hesse) can be accessed via the Bavarian State Library and can be viewed via the library's web catalog.

Address books

The volumes of the Address Book of Kassel and Surroundings, digitized by the State Library, can be found in the online archive ORKA.

These card indices, created by historian and librarian Philipp Losch (1869-1953) and customs director and amateur historian August Woringer (1855-1945), provide biographical information on persons from Hesse. Both card indices are accessible in digital form on ORKA.
The Losch card index contains information on civilians, the Woringer card index on military persons.

Historical photographs and picture postcards

The State Library has an extensive collection of historical photographs and picture postcards, primarily with views of northern Hessian cities with a focus on Kassel. These are gradually being digitized. They can be found under Historical Photo Collection in the online archive ORKA.

Hans Germandi Collection

Kassel University Library has acquired the Hans Germandi photo collection and documented photo lectures and provides access to them via the online archive ORKA. In conjunction with the Historical Photo Collection, two important historical sources about Kassel before its destruction in World War II thus merge into a single unit.

Collection of Hessian State Ordinances and Tenders together with the Explanatory and Other Rescripts, Resolutions, Decrees, Common Notices and the Like Belonging to them

1337-1816 digitized by Marburg University Library Access to full texts

Plans, views and maps of the Landgraviate of Hesse by Wilhelm Dilich. Further information about as well as freely accessible publications can be found on the project page of the University of Kassel.