Musica Practica

In addition to historical sheet music and other musicologically intereseting publications, the State Library has an extensive collection of Musica Practica. Via legal deposit, the State Library receives new publications of various music publishers in northern Hesse. The Bärenreiter publishing house in Kassel is particularly worthy of mention. The Musica Practica collection also includes choral music from the publishers Arrangement (Korbach), and Krause (Breitenbach), as well as music from the Furore-Verlag (Kassel) which specializes in music by female composers. As a result, the collection of sheet music, most of which can be borrowed, is continually growing ad now amounts to more than 20,000 printed works. The music is accessible via the KARLA catalogue portal. The older holdings up to around 1990 can be found via physical card catalogs and the occupation catalog (reading room anteroom) in card form. Please ask our staff for assistance.

When searching for works for specific instruments, it is helpful to search using the music collection systematics.