Historical Maps and Plans

The largest part of the collection of historical maps consists of Hessian maps, with a focus on on the Electorate and the city of Kassel. The air raid in 1941 did not only destroy the majrotiy of historical maps and plans but also the old catalogs of this collection. So far, this gap has not been filled completely. However, for some years now, provisional inventories have been available again for a part of the collection of historical maps relating to Hesse and Kassel:

  • City maps of Kassel
  • Maps and views of individual Hessian cities
  • Hessian plans

As part of the Hassiaca collection focus, the Regional Library also collects maps from and of the region. You can find city maps and topographic maps as well as cycling and hiking maps, most of which are legal deposit copies. All maps can be found via the online catalog.