Almanach and Address Books

Kurhessischer Staatskalender (Almanach of the Electorate of Hesse)

The State Library has a complete collection of the Kurhessischer Staatskalender (Almanach of the Electorate of Hesse). The period of publication extends from the years 1764 to 1911. The title changed several times during the period of publication. The Staatskalender is an official address book. It contains the names and functions of higher state officials, civil servants and military officers. In addition to the list of names of the officials, it contains the description of the court and state system as well as genealogical information about the ruling princely house. This makes the state calendar an important tool for historical research, especially for the history of the Hessian state and the court.

Address Books

The library's holdings also include an almost complete collection of Kassel address books (from 1819 onwards) - an important source for research in regional history as well as economic and social history and family research. In addition to the list of residents arranged by surnames, the address books also contain lists of houses by street, naming residents and sometimes owners of the houses, as well as a list of residents arranged by occupation. In addition, one can find entries on authorities, institutions and associations, excerpts from the commercial register or statistics, for example on population development or construction activity in the city. You can also find out all sorts of other interesting facts about the city: Places of interest, public transportation schedules, theaters and concerts, or even city taxes and school fees. Some of the address books also contain city maps. Address books are thus a treasure trove of information about everyday life and the social structure of the city.