How is the programm structured?

The European Master in Business Studies (EMBS) is a joint degree master programme in 2 years. EMBS aims to develop high-quality graduates with a well-developed global mindset, with a focus on International Marketing and Sales, in preparation for an international career in business. EMBS has been awarded EPAS, a prestigious international programme accreditation delivered by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), an organisation that is acknowledged globally as an accreditation body of quality in management education.
EMBS is jointly run by four European Universities: the University of Savoie Mont Blanc (France), the University of Trento (Italy), the University of Kassei (Germany) and the University of León (Spain).
EMBS is composed of four semesters in the four different countries according to the following curriculum:

SEMESTER 1 (WINTER TERM): University of Trento (Italy)

  • European and International Commercial Law
  • Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources Management
  • Information Systems
  • International Accounting
  • International Strategic Management

SEMESTER 2 (SPRING TERM): University of Savoie Mont Blanc (France)

  • Statistics and Marketing Research
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
  • European and Global Economics
  • European and Giobai Consumer Behaviour
  • Financial Markets and Corporate Finance

SEMESTER 3 (WINTER TERM): Kassei University (Germany)

  • Business Negotiation
  • Distribution Management
  • Research Methods and Thesis

SEMESTER 4 (SPRING TERM): University of León (Spain)

  • Sustainable and Responsible Management
  • Communication Challenges
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Internship in summer at the end of semester 4


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