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Experiment board "CLB

In the winter semester 2010/2011, as part of the course "Digital Logic", all students were able to build their own experimental circuit board for the first time, which enables simple and fast implementation of various digital circuits.

The experimental board follows the basic principles of a so-called Programmable Logic Device (PLD): It contains digital logic components which can be configured to different digital circuits via jumpers. This is why it is called "Configurable Logic Board" or CLB for short. The CLB is used in the current exercise mode and offers students the possibility to realize and test many of the tasks (also homework) practically.

Background is on the one hand the observation that many students from earlier semesters can design digital circuits with logic gates on paper, but partly do not know how an integrated circuit (IC, integrated circuit), which contains such a logic gate, looks at all, or how such a circuit is realized. On the other hand, the practical relevance should be established already in the first weeks of study.

With the CLB, applications of the following topics of the course can be realized:

  • Combinatorial circuits (up to 4 inputs)
  • Asynchronous switching circuits
  • Synchronous automata (0-3 inputs, 1-2 state bits)
  • Arithmetic circuits

Furthermore it is possible to connect several CLB boards in series to realize larger circuits (see photo below right).

The construction of the board is done in blocks of four hours during the first four weeks of the semester. At the beginning of each block (soldering pool) there is an introduction to the assembly and instructions are given on how to use the soldering iron correctly. Students who have never worked with the soldering iron before are then instructed individually in soldering. During the set-up, supervision is provided by scientific staff and tutors. 

CLB Simulator

In order to simulate more complex circuits, the department provides a CLB simulator. More information and download options can be found on our CLB simulator page.


CLB assembly instructions

CLB operating instructions

Soldering pool in WS 2016/17

Those who have already built up a CLB in the previous winter semesters can/should continue to use it.

The CLB will be set up in supervised soldering pools as part of the course "Digital Logic". For this purpose, we provide the times and places listed below in our premises for the first weeks of WS 16/17. The allocation to the times will be done via lists in front of room 0334.

Date10-14 o'clock2-6 p.m.
Wed. 26.10.xx
Thu. 27.10.x
Fri. 28.10.xx
Mon. 31.10.x
Tue. 01.11.x
Wed. 02.11.xx
Fri. 04.11.xx
Mon. 07.11.xx
Tue. 08.11.x
Thu. 10.11.