CLB Simulator

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Simulation of complex CLB circuits

Since WS 2010/2011 all students of the lecture Digital Logic build a board called Configurable Logic Board (CLB) , with which different circuits from digital technology can be realized via plug-in panels.

The CLB can be cascaded via connectors at the edges of the board to realize more complex circuits. With the help of our HiWis Marcel Viehmeier a simulator was developed, with which several interconnected CLBs - but of course also single CLBs - can be simulated comfortably. The simulator is written in Java and can therefore be run under (almost) any operating system in the Java runtime environment (from version 1.6).


CLB Simulator (v1.01) as Java application (for Windows, Linux, etc., tested up to 1.7.0_67)

CLB Simulator (v1.01) as Mac OX App (for Mac OS X)

Readme.pdf (short manual)