Steering in a Modern Higher Education System

Ulrich Teichler (2019): Steering in a Modern Higher Education System: The Need for Better Balances between Conflicting Needs and Expectations. INCHER Working Paper 11, Kassel. DOI: 10.17906/INCHER.0003

In this working paper Ulrich Teichler analyzes the character of steering in higher education and its impact in the academic domain with a special focus in developments in economically advanced countries over a period of more than five decades. He presents an overview of the core substantive issues, which are predominantly targeted by the steering system. Subsequently, the strengths and weaknesses of the current major steering approaches are assessed by looking closely at the academics’ views: How they assess the current steering system, can be illustrated by the findings of an international comparative study of the academic profession, quantitative, structural and organisational relationships between higher education and employment.

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