Expiry of the previous examination regulations

The first year of the new bachelor's degree program will begin in Kassel in the 2020/21 winter semester. New examination regulations will also come into force for the two master's programs in the winter semester 2021/22. Therefore, the previous examination regulations will be phased out in the next few years. For your planning, we have already listed the expected dates here.

Please note that you must have completed your studies by the dates listed if you wish to remain in the examination regulations. The dates are chosen in such a way that the last cohort that started in each degree program has at least 1.5 times the standard period of study to complete the degree program.

Bachelor Psychology (PO 2014): 09/30/2024.

The expiration date of the Bachelor PO 2014 is legally effective. Regarding the text of the amendment regulations

There will be the possibility to continue studying in the new examination regulations (PO 2021) after the expiry date. A PO change before 30.09.2024 is not possible. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you complete your studies by 30.09.2024 at the latest, as a PO change means that you still have to make up some achievements that cannot be recognized. Since it is only possible to make up these achievements after the PO change, this would delay the studies even more.

From the winter semester 2021/22, the two new Master's programs will start in Kassel. It is therefore no longer possible to start in one of the old Master's POs. However, those who are already in the master's program can still finish their studies in the old PO until March or September 2024. The phase-out dates have been legally effective since publication in the 04/2022 bulletin.

Master Psychology (PO 2014): 31/03/2024.

It is possible to change to the new PO from the effective date of the new examination regulations (PO 2020) on 01.10.2021. The application for this must be submitted by 01.10.2022. For further details and an overview of the courses that can be credited, please contact the Master's student advisor.

Master Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (PO 2014): 30.09.2024

Due to the legal framework of the new Psychotherapists Act, it will unfortunately not be possible to change to the new examination regulations. This means that the PO 2014 will finally expire at the end of the summer semester 2024. It is therefore imperative that you complete your studies by 30.09.2024, otherwise you will no longer be able to graduate!